Discover Yourself; Change the World

Rotary clubs across the Niagara Region and the Buffalo area are searching for qualified young people to participate in Rotary’s famed RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) program. The program will be held from June 7-13th, 2020 at SUNY, College at Fredonia, New York.


The RYLA program is an inspiring week-long personal development seminar for young people 19-27 years old. The 40- 45 participants live in a dorm at SUNY and work together for a week in an intensive environment of co-operation and learning for personal development and self assessment, studying group dynamics, team development and career development. The program is carefully designed to provide leadership training and experience, including lectures and discussion periods with skilled and prominent facilitators, as well as recreation and fellowship.


To attend the program, there are a variety of options. When submitting your application online, your application will be submitted to participating Rotary clubs for consideration for sponsorship so there is no cost to the RYLA participants. You can also come up with the cost on your own, or look to your/other place of employment to sponsor you. It is an unbelievably valuable experience!


Rotary clubs are looking for applicants who have demonstrated ability as leaders in their community. Applicants do not necessarily have to have been a student body president or captain of a team. The ideal “RYLArian” is a person with good character, a constructive attitude and a desire to share with others, who will benefit from a concentrated exercise in leadership, communications and personal development.


For more information on the program, and for the application package and application process, please see the Applications page.