What RYLA has Meant for its Participants!

Over the years, Rotary District 7090 has seen many great participants go through the RYLA Program. Here are a few things they've said about the program!


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"We all came in as strangers and just started connecting and became comfortable with one another. A comfortable environment makes for an awesome experience"


"All of the team building activities helped me become comfortable around the group. But the speak ups were amazing and really helped me to feel close to the other participants."


"I found myself becoming very close with my peers and we had a great support system. In addition I loved the competitive games because they lead us to into great discussions about success, health, happiness, etc."


"My favourite part of the program were the connections I made. Different perspectives gave me clarity of myself."


"This is an amazing program. It's been a huge eye-opener and completely life changing."


"You are doing a great job and changing lives for people like me at such a young age. We will benefit from this program for the remainder of our lives."


"This week has been enlightening and such an incredible experience that I will never forget."


"The group atmosphere here was unreal. I don't believe that at any other point in my life in the past or in the future will I find a group of people that I trust and connect with this much, especially after only one week."


"I give it a 100 out of 10. There’s no scale suitable to show how truly amazing this program is."


"This has been the single greatest week of my life. I will cherish and nurture the relationships that began here forever."


"The values that I learned here are going to stay with me forever."


"The staff was incredible. They were so honest and trusting... absolutely perfect for the program."


"You have changed my life forever. I am so thankful for RYLA!"


"It was a wonderful week and I truly hope that this program continues to grow."


"I feel more confident that I am able to achieve my goals and deal with real problems. It was an amazing experience and very inspirational!"


"Thank you for a change in my life and providing an environment where I could find and express my true self."


"The best decision I've ever made was to come to RYLA."


"You all do an amazing job with this program and I have learned more in this week than I feel I've learned in my entire life. I am honored to have been a part of this!"